JETCO’S Emergency Action Plan

With the threat of severe weather in the Gulf Coast every year, Jetco has adopted the following steps to keep the operational program moving during damaging storms.


  • Phone System
    • If digital system is interrupted, system can switch to analog.
    • If all land line systems fail, Jetco has the ability to forward the phones to emergency cells.
    • Fax systems can be forwarded to an alternate fax system and will be able to receive and send.
  • Personnel
    • Jetco has an emergency messaging system that alerts all company personnel of any closures, slow-downs or special instructions due to the weather.
    • If the employee has chosen to relocate due to weather, they are asked to call an emergency number for special instructions pertaining to the working needs of the company.
  • Equipment
    • Selected drivers will be authorized to take equipment as they evacuate to ensure Jetco has personnel and equipment ready to run at a given notice (only if travel is unrestricted by local authorities).
    • Continued tracking of our equipment is made possible by GPS capabilities, which we have installed in all of our trucks.
  • Facility/Operations
    • Jetco will have personnel on-site (depending on the severity of the storm) to continue operational control for our customers.
    • Generators are in place during power outages.
    • Along with any power outage, we have an emergency computer server off-site and can relocate our main server to a safe location if the need arises.
    • If on-site operations are not practical, we can operate remotely from an emergency location.
  • Data
    • Your data is secure with full backups kept at a secure off-site storage location.

During any severe weather situations, Jetco puts safety first and will not place anyone, including our customers, in harm’s way. We will monitor the storms closely and determine when to restart our operations as dictated by the situation at the time. We ensure Jetco will attempt to continue operations after the storm and continue to work with local, state and federal authorities for any relief efforts.