Jetco’s Emergency Preparedness Plan

Since 1976, Jetco has weathered hurricanes, national emergencies and other disasters, working around the clock to keep freight and the economy moving, our clients in business and the public secure.

We provide supply chain support, from logistics to warehousing solutions, across multiple industries providing essential goods. In a crisis, we have robust business continuity plans to ensure we're prepared, calm and ready to support our clients and communities. 


Whether we're in the office or working remotely, we're available 24/7/365 via multiple communication tools. 
  • Group email
    • View our Contact Page to see all our group emails.
    • Emailing the group email ensures you have an entire Jetco team at your service.
  • Phone system
    • If land line systems fail or the situation requires us to work remotely, Jetco forwards the office phones to cell phones.
    • Each phone line has emergency back-up contacts to which your call may be rerouted in case of emergency or unavailability of the original number you try to reach.
    • Fax systems can be forwarded to an alternate fax system and will be able to receive and send.
  • After-hours call service
    • If you call Jetco outside of our standard business hours, our call service will answer and connect you with your intended Jetco team member.
  •  Video conference or conference call
    • If we cannot meet in-person, we're available via video or regular conference call.
    • Our teams also use both services extensively to communicate when working from different locations. 
  • Social media
    • We keep our clients informed with breaking news updates via Facebook and LinkedIn. Be sure to follow us!
  • Emergency messaging system
    • This system enables us to communicate via text message, email, phone call or voicemail with all our employees.
    • We send alerts regarding office status, weather, breaking news, closures, slow-downs and special instructions.

Operations Team & Drivers

The depth of expertise our team has enables us to navigate the most complicated logistics challenges, whether we’re delivering essentials in the face of a flooded infrastructure system, an overwhelmed and overworked supply chain, a shelter in place, or another crisis.

With Jetco’s core value of safety first, foremost and top-of-mind, we take care of our professional drivers first, so they can take care of you. They’re trained to bring a sense of calm when delivering your cargo and armed with the tools they need to do their jobs safely.


  • In the case of an evacuation, Jetco drivers are authorized to move equipment off-site to ensure Jetco has personnel and equipment ready to run at a given notice (only if travel is unrestricted by local authorities).
    • Continued tracking of our equipment is made possible by GPS capabilities, which we have installed in all of our trucks.


  • Jetco has personnel on-site (depending on the severity of the crisis) to continue operational control for our clients.
    • Generators are in place during power outages.
    • Along with any power outage, we have an emergency computer server off-site and can relocate our main server to a safe location if the need arises.
    • If on-site operations are not practical, we can operate remotely from an emergency location.
  • If there are unexpected port shutdowns or delays in freight movement, Jetco can accommodate your storage needs in our warehouse and outdoor yard space


Not only is your data secure and backed up in the cloud, but it’s available to you at all times.
  • GPS, for location of every shipment
  • TransPortal, for real-time load status, PODs and invoices
  • AWS QuickSight, for real-time, customizable dashboards on any data you need to make business decisions

During any crisis or disaster, Jetco puts safety first and does not place anyone, including our clients, in harm’s way. We monitor each situation closely to determine when to restart our operations as dictated by the situation at the time. We are committed to working with our clients and local, state and federal authorities on any and all relief efforts and supply chain needs.