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FREE Webinar: Making Safety Happen

By Lisa Sursavage


Safety is a core value at Jetco. We never compromise safety and know that safety is a journey with no finish line. It’s all about continuous improvement.

Jetco CEO, Brian Fielkow, speaks internationally on the topic of safety culture and behavior-based safety. Brian has partnered with Vertical Alliance Group, a leader in online training programs, to create “Making Safety Happen,” an ongoing series of 5-7 minute, weekly videos focused on company-wide safety engagement.

To celebrate the launch of "Making Safety Happen," Vertical Alliance is hosting a FREE informational webinar to get you thinking about ways to create safety excellence now!

How to Get Safety Ideas Out of the Boardroom & Implemented into Your Culture
Thursday, February 15, 10-11 am CST

In this hour-long webinar, you will learn:

1. How to actually implement the safety theory most companies only talk about.

2. How to create a step-by-step process complete with easy, low-cost ideas that will improve your profitability

3. How to make safety a strategic choice with profound impact to your company's bottom line

4. How to put a process in place that lets you know you have done everything in your control to prevent accidents from happening

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