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TODAY SHOW: How truckers are keeping shelves stocked amid outbreak

By Brooke Beall


Hero: "A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities". This definition embodies our truck drivers and those around the world.
With families waiting for them at home, our professional drivers wake up, strap their boots, start their engines and put their trucks in gear to help ensure food and essentials are kept stocked on shelves and to keep us calm in these hectic times. Our very own Jorge Chavez, professional truck driver for Jetco Delivery, a part of THE GTI GROUP, spoke with NBC News, The Today Show, about the key roles truck drivers play in these challenging times. We're very proud of Jorge, also a member of American Trucking Associations, America's Road Team, for contributing. Special thanks to Texas Trucking Association for their support.

Watch Jorge's Interview Here

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