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Investing to Meet Your Needs

By Lisa Sursavage

From the driver shortage to changes in regulations, the trucking industry is experiencing a massive capacity shortage. Jetco Delivery strives to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating upcoming changes, working closely with lawmakers and the ports, and most importantly, investing in our team, fleet and technology so that we can continue to meet your needs.

Investing in Our Team

Recruiting the best and safest professional drivers is an essential part of Jetco. Our recruiting team works diligently to bring in drivers who are looking for a long-term home that puts their safety and the safety of the public at the forefront. Our rigorous vetting process allows us to hire only the best drivers to handle your freight needs. 

Investing in Our Fleet

To meet your growing needs, Jetco will acquire 12 new trucks by the end of 2017. These new trucks, along with our lightweight chassis, can accomodate heavier loads. In addition, we’re always looking for safe and legal ways to maximize weight so that we can ensure the best solutions for your intermodal freight.

Investing in Technology

The ELD mandate will take effect on December 18, 2017. Jetco installed ELDs in 2008, yet many companies are waiting until the last minute to install these devices. Because of this, capacity will once again be affected. Jetco remains ahead of the curve. In addition, we are investing in tablets for all of our drivers so that paperwork and confirmation of load pickups and deliveries is handled promptly, accurately and with ease.


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