Managing Through Disruptions

By Lisa Sursavage

Jetco Customers,

As we move forward post-Hurricane Harvey, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. A lot of confusion exists regarding interaction with steamship lines. We’ve seen situations where a last free day is being enforced, but the cargo isn’t even ready. This level of confusion is normal given the amount of disruption that we have experienced in our community. So that we can better serve you, we are glad to set up calls with you to review all of your work that has been booked with us and ensure that all loads are actually released and ready. It is important that we “over-communicate” with each other as we restart. We are working to promote efficiency and avoid any unnecessary costs, such as billable dry runs. The more we communicate, the better our chances are of having a smooth restart.
  2. The Port of Houston issued a revised FAQ sheet, which you can access on here:
  3. Once the shipping community truly restarts, we envision a capacity crunch. Not only will trucks be required for the backlog of work, trucks also will be required for relief efforts. That is another reason why we need to communicate. If you can let us know what your projected needs are, we can better allocate capacity to you.
  4. In my message to you on Friday, I indicated that the state is not issuing out of gauge permits, other than for relief work. That ban continues. You can check status here:
  5. It’s hard to know the exact increase in fuel cost,because it is a moving target. It’s changing daily. Right now, a good rule of thumb is that diesel is up locally about 40 cents/gallon since the storm. Our suppliers tell us to expect further increases, and all we can do is watch the market.


According to the Journal of Commerce:

“The port’s Bayport and Barbours Cut container terminals reopened Thursday, and the port said seven container vessels were due to be worked on Labor Day—three at Bayport and four at Barbours Cut. Six others arrived between Friday and Sunday. More than a dozen vessels skipped Houston calls during the port shutdown.”

A number of Houston-bound vessels were diverted to other ports. As you locate the whereabouts of your import cargo, we will bring the cargo back to Houston for you.

At Jetco, we are strong. Most of our team is back and ready for work. We are working to help those of our team members who were most severely impacted.

Again, the best strategy for us is to be in constant communication with each other. There is a lot of confusion and chaos out there. It’s to be expected. Together, we need to plan ahead.