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Meet Lisa Battaglia Sursavage, Jetco’s director of communications

By Brian Fielkow

18813841_693355394182112_7371270850742009047_n.jpgFrom press to Jetco’s website, customer communication and community involvement, Lisa Battaglia Sursavage works to ensure that the Jetco brand is front and center. "At Jetco, we view marketing as a critical customer communication and education function," Lisa said. In addition, she works closely with CEO Brian Fielkow to help spread his messages on how to create a healthy company and safety culture, which Brian reguarly shares with Jetco customers. Lisa was recently appointed to the Texas Trucking Association board of directors and is taking on the challenge of becoming more involved in trucking policy and legislation. We sat down with Lisa to find out more about her role at Jetco.

How long have you worked at Jetco? 3.5 years

What does your role involve? I handle everything from copywriting to our community involvement, event planning, internal and external communication – you name it! I want to be sure that our customers are informed about what is happening in our industry that will directly affect them, and I enjoy having the opportunity to get Jetco out into the public to help support our community.

What’s your favorite part about working at Jetco? I love that one day is never the same as the next! I have a variety of responsibilities and it keeps my job interesting, fun and challenging. Additionally, Jetco is very much a family environment. We support one another, we’re honest with each other and we believe that safety comes first. I’m proud to work with such an outstanding group of people!

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want to have with you? Champagne, sunscreen and a good book. (Someone else is hunting and cooking, right?) :)

What do you have playing on your car radio? I’ve been listening to a lot of Alison Krauss lately. Love her latest album. And, I’ve been mixing it up with some Otis Redding, too. Bluegrass and soul – gotta have variety!

Questions for Lisa? Contact her:
713.678.6465 or

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