Transporting Crated Cargo

By Lisa Sursavage

Crated cargo often poses a special risk. When our professional drivers arrive to pick up your cargo, it’s already crated, so many times we can’t inspect it. We can secure the crate to our trailer, but we have to rely on you to ensure that the cargo is secure inside of the crate and that the integrity of the crate is sufficient for the product inside. While this alert applies to all crated cargo, we note a particular issue with import cargo that is crated overseas, where the packer may not follow the same standards as domestic packers.

This is serious. Cargo that is not properly secured inside a crate that flies out of a crate could cause a serious injury or a fatality. To help ensure that we are all focused on this, Jetco has implemented a new process that requires information on the material and securement of the cargo inside the crate. This will help confirm that the crated cargo is properly packaged and secured for transportation before we transport it.

Download Jetco’s Crated Cargo Questionnaire.

Safety is all of our responsibility. We all have to do our part. The trucking industry has seen too many issues with crate integrity and securement inside of the crates. Let’s work together to protect each other and the public.

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