Jetco Does its Part to Clean Houston’s Air.

As America goes green, Jetco is on the leading edge working to create a safer, cleaner environment by systematically replacing the older, less efficient vehicles in its fleet with newer, more environmentally friendly trucks.

By 2010, the city of Houston plans to have reduced greenhouse gasses by 11 percent and NOx emissions by 16 percent. Houston’s Clean Cities – a technical advisory and outreach program which supports local, state, federal and private entities in efforts to clean up the air through information and funding for alternative fuels and infrastructure as well as clean diesel technologies – was created to help reach this goal.

Through Clean Cities, companies such as Jetco are given incentives to upgrade vehicles in their fleet to meet the new environmental goals.

Jetco’s new vehicles are from International Trucks, where Paul Flowers works. He said International partnered with Jetco to help them understand all the options that were available to them in their quest for cleaner, more fuel-efficient trucks.

“The chassis that Jetco chose to utilize has an engine that dramatically reduces NOx emissions compared to the trucks they took out of their fleet,” Flowers said. “We were able to offer them the latest technology that is available.”

David Coffee, also with International Trucks, said the trade up is paying off.

“We’re seeing a lot of benefit to the quality of Houston’s air,” he said. “From your dock to your customer’s dock, you’ve done it in the most environmentally friendly way when you’re working with Jetco.”