Ensuring the safe, correct transport of your HAZMAT cargo.

No matter what industry you’re in, preparing and shipping hazardous materials can be a safety-sensitive, highly regulated job. At Jetco, our team of hazardous material specialists has carefully laid-out guidelines to streamline the process, ensure full compliance with transportation laws and keep your cargo moving.

What are hazardous materials?

Federal law defines them as any shipments that “pose an unreasonable risk to the public’s health, safety and property when transported in commerce.”

Grades of Hazmat We Transport:


We do NOT haul Class 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.
We do NOT haul any Class 2 or 6 Inhalation Hazards, as defined by the PHMSA Hazardous Material Table.
We do NOT haul Class 4.3 Dangerous when Wet.
We do NOT haul Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides.
We do NOT haul Class 7.

An Established Process.

Before a truck is dispatched, one of our dedicated specialists closely reviews all HAZMAT paperwork, which is supplied by the shipper. Each specialist has a closely adhered-to process, ensuring 100% compliance with all applicable laws so that we can help prevent unforeseen delays. We also prioritize the safety of our customers, drivers and the general public, which is why we refuse to deliver shipments that have incomplete or incorrect paperwork or that are in violation of the law.

Keep Our Checklist Handy:

  • ID number
  • Proper shipping name
  • Hazard class or division number
  • The subsidiary hazard class or division number entered in parentheses
  • Packing group, if any
  • Total quantity, either by weight or by capacity of container. Quantity and type of packaging must be listed, i.e. (10) fifty-five gallon drums, (12) five gallon pales, etc.
  • A signed shipper’s certification to verify that the hazardous materials have been properly prepared for transport. The most commonly used shipper’s certification states that the hazardous material has been “properly classified, described, packaged, marked, labeled and is in proper condition for transportation.”
  • An emergency response telephone number that can be called in the event of a leak, spill or incident. This number must be answered 24/7 by a person knowledgeable in responding to hazardous material emergencies.

Shipping Document

Shipper to Provide Placards.

Don’t forget, it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide four placards representing each hazardous material class present to our drivers. As stated by the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 172.506:

  • Each person offering a motor carrier a hazardous material for transportation by highway shall provide to the motor carrier the required placards for the material being offered prior to or at the same time the material is offered for transportation, unless the carrier’s motor vehicle is already placarded for the material as required by this subpart.
  • No motor carrier may transport a hazardous material in a motor vehicle, unless the placards required for the hazardous material are affixed thereto as required by this subpart.

Intermodal Containers Apply, Too.

The same rules and regulations apply to importing hazardous materials as apply to all other loads. Customers must obtain a written shipper’s certification — whether domestic or overseas. Most steamship lines require that you pre-advise HAZMAT loads.

Extra Education a Must.

Federal regulations require employees who handle or transport hazardous material to receive training within the first 90 days of their employment, along with refresher training every three years thereafter. The laws also apply to personnel who are moved into a safety-sensitive position involved with the transportation process of hazardous materials.

From our hazardous material specialists to our drivers and safety department, we all receive continuous training on the latest regulations related to the shipping and transport of hazardous cargo. We hold meetings every other week with our drivers to discuss focused safety topics, and every other month, hold a safety meeting with the entire company.

Have a HAZMAT load?

If you have questions about the proper transport of hazardous materials, please contact Director of Safety and Compliance Annette Watts at 713.678.6413 or awatts@jetcodelivery.com. If you’ve completed your HAZMAT paperwork and are ready for its review, please email it to customerservice@jetcodelivery.com or fax it to 713.675.5000.