Handling your intermodal cargo with care.

A highly specialized business, hauling containers and ISO tanks requires special attention to detail, which is why Jetco handles each one with a high level of individual care.

To ensure excellent service, Jetco follows carefully laid out procedures to make the process of hauling your cargo to and from the ports to the rail, client site or other destination run smoothly:

  • Ensure the cargo has been unloaded, cleared customs and is ready for pickup. It is essential for all holds to be released before the container is ready for pickup.
  • Understand the contents of the container or ISO tank. Heavy containers may need a tri-axle chassis. Out-of-gauge, open top and flat racks may require permits. Hazmat loads have special paperwork requirements.
  • Ensure the driver has all the qualifications necessary to handle the load. Qualifications may include Hazmat certification. All our drivers have their TWIC cards, which are needed to enter any port property.

Tips to ensure you have an excellent Intermodal experience:

  • Include the “Last Free Day” with your delivery order.
  • Provide the name of the Steamship Line.
  • Provide a copy of the Bill of Lading.
  • Ensure the Booking Number is correct.
  • All Hazmat loads must have IMO on file with steamship line and port.
  • Ensure the booking contains the correct container size.

Dedicated Chassis Pool.

Our chassis fleet includes specialized units for handling heavy loads. In addition, our low-profile trailers are ideal for transporting out-of-gauge flatracks. How does having our own chassis fleet help you? Excellent equipment availability means we’re always ready to accommodate your needs.

Need a Tri-Axle Chassis?

If your 20’ container exceeds 38,000 pounds, regulations require the use of a tri-axle chassis. Jetco is well-equipped to handle these heavier containers, with our state-of-the-art tri-axle chassis, which we recently added to our fleet to accommodate your needs.

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Increased Cargo Weights.

Many Jetco trucks have “weight tolerance permits,” which authorize operations at 10% over allowable axle weight or 5% over allowable gross weight. For example, if a truck can normally gross 80,000 pounds, our weight tolerance permit allows for 84,000 pounds, meaning greater payloads for you.

Weight tolerance permits do have several conditions tied to them. They’re allowed in Texas only and interstate highway travel is not permitted. These restrictions can affect how Jetco routes a heavy load, so the weight tolerance permit is not automatic. Please specify cargo weight at the time you request the rate, and we will help you determine if a weight tolerance permit can benefit your load.

Flat Rack Containers.

There is quite a bit of confusion in the market about what can and cannot be legally transported in Texas. To help better your understanding so that we can best serve you, Jetco has put together an informative piece about flat rack containers.

What is a Flat Rack Container?

Flat rack containers in 20’ and 40’ lengths are ideal for large and heavy cargoes that cannot be loaded into standard containers that have fixed sides or walls. Loading is from above or the side, and the end walls can either be fixed or collapsible.

Flat rack containers have a high-loading capacity frame and a hardwood floor, and the sturdy end walls provide more than sufficient stability, allowing them to be stacked one on top of the other. Lashing rings to secure the cargo are fitted into the side rails, floor and corners.

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ISO Tanks.

Iso tanks have proven to be a more efficient means of bulk liquid transportation. They reduce shipping and handling costs by allowing for smaller than shiploads or truckloads of liquids to be packed and moved, making them an ideal fit with Jetco’s expertise and regional work. In fact, ISO tanks average 30% lower shipping costs than over-the-road tankers.

  • Iso tanks’ efficiency means cleaner service for transporting bulk liquids, lowering costs for you and leaving a carbon footprint that is almost 50% less than a drummed shipment.
  • Our experienced and trained intermodal drivers transport ISO tanks carrying both non-hazardous and hazardous liquids.
  • Every driver takes pictures of the load upon loading and pick-up of the ISO tank.
  • We transport your tanks to/from tank farms, ports or your clients’ or your facilities.
  • Each tank is washed, cleaned and returned to the tank farm unless otherwise notified.