Jetco’s commitment to technology is yet another one of our value-added services that benefits you by keeping you informed and giving you peace of mind about your cargo’s status. Our goal is to provide greater visibility and clear communication to keep you informed about your cargo from start to finish.

Our Technology:

  • ITS, our highly customizable software program
  • 24/7 GPS communications with our fleet
  • DriveCam outfitted in every Jetco truck
  • TransPortal, our real-time customer dispatch

ITS offers customizable reporting for your use. When you have a container or other intermodal equipment on our interchange with you, ITS sends daily status reports, allowing you to monitor equipment status and avoid per diem costs before it arrives. ITS also sends booking notifications, enabling you to receive frequent updates on your load’s status and progress (i.e., booking, dispatch, loading, unloading, etc.). With ITS, we can also create customized Excel reports that contain your load history to save you time and effort. Reports can be sent at any interval you request (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).


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